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About Lifestyle

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Special Terms

If the store advertises a varied cashback rate for new and existing customers, this means that New Customer’s must be new to the Lifestyle database.

Consumers that have subscribed previously but not purchased previously will be considered as a Returned customer.

Cashback is ineligible on the following:

  • Purchase of gift cards or use of gift cards for full or partial payment.
  • Purchases using coupon codes not listed on Rebate Ruth.
  • Items that are cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded.
  • GST, other taxes and delivery fees.
  • Fraudulent transactions.
  • Purchases using any type of discount which lowers price advertised on the Merchant site, including but not limited to employee discounts, student discounts and price-matching.

Cashback Timeline

Cashback Eligibility:


  • Activate cashback via the Rebate Ruth App, Web or Extension prior to transacting.
  • Ensure Rebate Ruth is the last link you click prior to transacting, in order to earn cashback.
  • Return to Rebate Ruth between each transaction and click through again, so that each order will track.
  • Only use promo codes listed on Rebate Ruth


  • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by Rebate Ruth
  • Returns, exchanges & cancellations
  • Purchases using gift cards or store credit

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