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Browser Notifier

Your personal shopping assistant!

Add Rebate Ruth’s Browser Notifier and never miss out on cash rebates or shopping deals again! The Rebate Ruth Notifier will alert you of your favourite deals.

How it works

Quick to install and easy to use

Setting up an account is simple, just fill in your details on our registration page

Add the Browser Notifier to your favourite browser.

Ensure the Browser Notifier is pinned so you know when the best shopping deals are available in your area!
The Brower Notifier will show up in your browser to allow you to directly activate cash rebates from your favourite stores

Why shop with Rebate Ruth?

We reward you for shopping that you would ordinarily do at your favourite stores, with the added benefit of earning cashback.

Save on shopping

Earn cash rebates on your everyday expenses by shopping through Rebate Ruth

Earn more often

Every time you shop with Rebate Ruth you have the opportunity to earn or save money. The more you do it the more you accumulate and the more you save with Rebate Ruth,

Over 1000 stores

All your favourite stores can be found at Rebate Ruth

The Rebate Ruth Notifier, now on mobile

Never miss activating a cash rebate again.

Shopping on the go just got better with Rebate Ruth

The Browser Notifier is also available on mobile to activate directly through your phone. It only takes a minute to set up and will save you time and money by never missing activating your cash rebates.

Thousands of stores to choose from.

Shop at your favourite stores today. With Rebate Ruth you can earn cashback anytime, anywhere.

Your privacy matters at Rebate Ruth

Your privacy matters.

It’s totally up to you how and when you use your available cashback.

Rebate Ruth takes security seriously. When you use the Browser Notifier, you can be sure your data is protected by our state-of-the-art security and latest encryption technology. You will only see the Browser Notifier within your browser when there is a great shopping deal to activate.

FAQ's, answered.

If you have other questions, we are always happy to help! You can also go to our FAQs page!

Retailers attract customers through Rebate Ruth rather than spending large amounts of money on marketing. When you shop through Rebate Ruth, we earn a commission from those retailers and share it with you. It’s that simple!

Once your shop has tracked successfully, your cashback will appear as pending in your account within 7 days. We then verify your purchase wasn’t returned, cancelled or changed which can take between 14-100 days depending on the store, before it is approved. Each shop will state its estimated approval time. We know that waiting is frustrating, so we will make every effort to approve your shops as soon as possible!

The Rebate Ruth Browser Notifier is a free browser extension that notifies you when you can earn cash rebates, discounts or coupons. You can shop at your favourite online sites as normal and the notifier will let you know to activate your cashback. It is that simple and you never have to worry about missing out on cashback deals again. Reap the benefits for shopping you already do!

Yane Sandanski